Cactus Magazine

Ten pages featuring my Twin Palms series in Italian fashion, art, and culture magazine Cactus.

Install Photos Polka Galerie

The install photos from my show at Polka Galerie September/October 2016.

Lone Stars

A new series fresh from a month in Texas. Darn I loved that place. I have some stories to tell...

VICE Netherlands

VICE Netherlands ran this piece on my Twin Palms series. Lord knows what it says.

FotoRoom Interview

Very proud of this interview with FotoRoom magazine about my Twin Palms series. Got to go into plenty of...


An extended write up in the Culture section of the Independent on my Twin Palms series. Pretty pleased with...

Dxi Magazine

My first article in the Spanish language I think, courtesy of Dxi magazine. Colours gone a bit crazy though –...

Where Paris Magazine

Guessing this is an English publication dedicated to sightseeing in Paris?

Styles Magazine

Another print piece about the show at Polka Galerie. This time in Styles magazine.

Hunger Magazine

First piece of press on my latest series is in Hunger Magazine. Thanks for this guys.

Twin Palms

A new series named Twin Palms hot off the press. Or out of Capture One anyway. Press release with more...


Télérama is a weekly French cultural and TV magazine published in Paris, France. The name is a contraction of its earlier...

Pop-Up magazine

A mention of my show in Paris at Polka Galerie in Pop-Up magazine as one of ten to see de la rentrée,...

Unseen Amsterdam

I’ll be showing a selections of works at Unseen Amsterdam from my series Blue River Falls and a new series Twin...

L’Oeil de la Photographie

Nice piece here on L’Oeil de la Photographie, which translates as the Eye of Photography.

Exhibition preview

A few snaps of the opening night of my solo show at Polka Galerie 1 hour before opening time –...

Polka Galerie installation

Installation happening in preparation for my solo show at Polka Galerie. My series ‘The Trip’ will be shown in full...


Some web coverage for the Paris show at Polka Galerie.

USA release

My first monograph Short Stories is due for imminent release in the USA. Excited to see which bookshops pick it...

Süddeutsche Zeitung online

And an online gallery from the print newspaper my book review was shown here.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

A clipping from the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung from June 21, showing a review of my book Short Stories.

PHOTO International

A page review on my debut book Short Stories in the German magazine PHOTO International.

Polka Magazine

A 25-page feature in Paris-based Polka magazine, plus the front cover. Very pleased with this indeed, and look forward to...

Polka Magazine

Issue #34 of Polka Magazine just hit the news stands with a 25 page portfolio piece on my work, plus...


Great piece in the Guardian today showcasing my new series Born on the Bayou in its entirety. Some cool captions...


The Pearl (Perlentaucher in German) is described as Germany’s leading cultural and literary Internet magazine. Anyway, they’ve reviewed my book...

Heilbronner Stimme

Another review of my book Short Stories in a German newspaper courtesy of my publisher Kehrer Verlag. This one named Heilbronner...

Nürnberger Zeitung

Some review clippings starting to come in from my book publisher Kerher Verlag. This from the newspaper Nürnberger Zeitung (26...

America Journal

A review of my book in German magazine America Journal.  

Tate Modern

My first book spotted on sale in the Tate Modern shop. Had no idea it was there so pleased to...