So I have a new series up on my site called ‘Burial Creek’, inspired in part by last year’s American indie thriller ‘Winter’s Bone‘, directed by Debra Granik. I loved her first film ‘Down to the Bone‘ (2004) which explored a similar vision – poverty and struggle in rural America. I grew up in a very small community in the hills of North Wales, so I often find myself thinking back to the beauty and brutality of rural life. You had both in spades but the folk are somehow less alike than you’d expect. The cliche is the small-mind that crushes the independent spirit, but a man can be far weirder, far more eccentric in the sticks – there’s just not the same pressure of people. Less of a need to fit in. Far from hiding in back alleys, gutters and down town bars, untrammeled man can be found feeding his chickens, lighting fires and pissing into the wind. Anyway, that aside, Burial Creek is a story about long lost friends who return to their rural hometown to settle an old score….

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