Another new series finished! This one shot over four weeks out of New Orleans, Louisiana, where there are great locations to get to in terms of swampland (Bayous) and small towns with amazing old churches and such like. It was the first shoot I’ve done that hadn’t been pre-produced to the last detail, so new ground for me. I’d been busy shooting in Palm Springs, and the opportunity presented itself to go here and share a place with fellow photographer Kourtney Roy for a month.

I went out with a few talent leads from actress Laura Flannery who’d I’d worked with last year on my series The Trip. These were great in actual fact, and I hooked up with some superb actors. I also lucked out with an amazing location finder, Albert Quaid, who has that role for New Orleans based television drama NCIS: New Orleans (he knew every inch of the city and beyond).

Anyway, not that much to tell other than somehow the story I had in mind all came together, with various tweaks due to talent availability, weather changes, location difficulties and suchlike. A little budget stretched a long way and very happy with the result.

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