A new series named Twin Palms hot off the press. Or out of Capture One anyway. Press release with more info here.

twinpalms-01 twinpalms-02 twinpalms-03 twinpalms-04 twinpalms-05 twinpalms-06 twinpalms-07 twinpalms-08 twinpalms-09 twinpalms-10 twinpalms-11 twinpalms-12 twinpalms-13 twinpalms-14 twinpalms-15 twinpalms-16 twinpalms-17 twinpalms-18 twinpalms-19 twinpalms-20 twinpalms-21 twinpalms-22 twinpalms-23 twinpalms-24 twinpalms-25 twinpalms-26 twinpalms-27 twinpalms-28 twinpalms-29 twinpalms-30

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